Endomotor + Apex locator

Dentamerica : Endomax

  • Original Switzerland electro-motor
  • Color wide LCD screen
  • Drive-1:1 contra angle is available
  • Rotation speed and torque can be programmed to 9 settings
  • Auto torque reverse
  • Dual-frequency apex locator
  • 5 working modes
  • Auto apical reverse
  • Auto apical slow down
  • Auto start and stop
  • High capacity Li-ion chargeable battery
  • Auto power off and memory function

Adaptor working voltage: 1.2v 2400mAh
5 settings for adjustable rotational speed: ranging from 125 to 625rpm
Adjustable torque :

Features: •Cordless convenience offers complete portability.
•Auto-stop and auto-reverse mechanisms for patient safety.
•Heavy-duty high torque motor.
•Reciprocating setting available without use of additional attachment.
•Ergonomic design provides comfort and easy operation.
•Features five torque settings.
•Automatic forward/reverse functions. •Nine rotation speeds available for different applications.
•High capacity lithium-ion battery provides stable and prolonged usage.
•Offers quick and easy coupling.
•Low battery warning light.

Adaptor working voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions: L30 x W27 x H197 mm
Accessories: Charging base, Handpiece, Power Cable